About US

MDC is a global affiliate marketing course provider and a one-stop shop for the most profitable online affiliate business. We bring Creator and Affiliate together and we facilitate highly lucrative partnerships that redefine the performance marketing industry.

We’re Here to Stay

We have been in the affiliate marketing business for some time, so we thoroughly understand the factors that drive the success of online business. The proof comes from our own internal technology, which aims to increase the revenue of our partners to a new level. We are not your typical CPA network, we rely not only on tracking, but also on technology and innovation.

We Work Smarter

We have seized unique opportunities, and we have rapidly evolved from advertisers with their own offers to global affiliate marketers commissioned by a growing foundation of success. We prefer the super optimization method of affiliate marketing, and we encourage members to do the same. Therefore, we will help you find hidden gold from your traffic through instant optimization, targeted advertising and addictive analysis.

We Value Partnerships

As industry experts, we know that sustainable relationships are the foundation of member marketing business. We are committed to partners rather than customers, so we strive for open, honest communication and flexibility in all collaborations.

Unlimited Support

“We Provide 24/7 partner assistance” is not only a slogan, but also our mantra. We understand that open communication and transparency are complementary to innovative technologies in providing excellent service. We can contact us uninterruptedly and be prepared to eliminate any bottlenecks or frustrations that often occur in the dynamic ecosystem of performance marketing. Our customer support is second to none, and we guarantee an unparalleled level of efficiency.

Feedback & Reviews

We value our customers feedback and we understand how important it is in providing excellent services

“Excellent support, excellent courses, excellent reviews, excellent options. Worth every penny. The affiliate marketing free training is very intuitive and easy understand. Love it!.”

Jonathan Alvarez

Affiliate Marketer at NY

Very effective affiliate marketing system! Easy to understand, easy to use, great price value. We had our first affiliate sale within a day. Excellent!

Russell Kennedy

Affiliate Marketer at MD

Made our affiliate program much more effortless. I especially like the simplicity of concept and their ability to help affiliate business.

Janice Griffin

Copywriter at Dynamic

What We Can Do for You?

We can help you grow your online affiliate commissions.

We use data to generate the greatest return on investment, and our market reflects our commitment to provide the right tools for major industry participants to ensure the growth of online business. Our proprietary Adserver solution and traffic management platform provide a 360-degree view of performance. With our advanced real-time statistics tools, you can see at a glance which ones are effective, which ones are not, are running, and who you are doing business with.

Need Advice?

Visit our courses above. Learn from it and build your online business faster.