Fun Felt Christmas Trees!

I can’t believe how close it is to Christmas! Which is great, because I might be more excited than my son for his gifts! What this also means, unfortunately, is that our Christmas craft window is alsog coming to an end! We put together this cute little felt number a few days ago.

Start by cutting four triangle like shapes with your felt for the tree, each one slightly larger than the other. Than cut out a felt square and star.

With a hot glue gun (we tried a few other glues with complete failure!) stick the pieces together to form a tree.

Decorate your tree with whatever ornaments you want! We cut some thin garland, felt candy cane stickers, and sequins to add to our trees.

When your tree is done, you can display it however you want! Maybe on a mantle or as an ornimant, we stuck some magnets on the back of ours for our fridge! Have fun!


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