Twenty 20 dollar or less gifts for the extraordinary people in your life!

We all have them or are them: quirky fun people who appreciate the different. They might be the most fun to shop for, not only because they appreciate most things, but because they’re just plain funny!  Heres a small list of gifts that will make the “different” people in your life smile! Got someone in your life who literally has everything? They probably don’t have these things!

For the workout OBSESSED!

Got a friend who always is talking about the gym? This shirt is a funny way to say “I get it!”

If this shirt doesn’t do it for you look at this one! I pretty much need it right now! What is it about ninjas that is so freaking appealing???

This shirt is right up my ally as well!

For the goofy people who like to stand out!

I bought the shirt but not the fanny pack yet! I don’t know what it is about pretending to be a hairy middle-aged man who appeals to me so much, but these products at least assure me that it’s not just me! Having a bad hair day? Throw on one of these bad boys on and forget about it!

or the cat lover:

Adult coloring is a great way to relax! If you know a tense “cat person” this coloring book is perfect!

Cat person doesn’t like to color? No problem! Check out this cool craft book:

The person who is always drinking tea may not love these, but its the thought that counts!

Know someone who loves farts? My son sure does! I’m considering getting him this bank: It farts when you put money in it! At least it will promote saving! Take it a step further with this fart spray:This one could easily blow up in your nose though… I might not want to give it to my son. My mother on the other hand is an extreme germaphobe. Everyone has to know at least one person like this. The make a bunk of snarkily funny hand sanitizers like this one:

How about for that one friend who is always staying out too late and is always tired? Or the dad with a six month old who is always yawning? A nap you can take anywhere? Yes please! I think I could use one of these:

Know someone into gardening? I bet they haven’t tried these vegetables yet!
I definitely want to know more about these purple carrots! How about the person who brags about trying everything once? Do you think they’d like to try these?

Have you been giving someone socks for the past few years? Or know someone who complains about getting socks for Christmas? Try these socks:

My Dad calls himself “Chicken legs” sometimes, these kill me!!! I’d also love to wear them under a pretty dress for laughs! Who doesnt want to become a mermaid? Make a wish come true with this throw:

We all know at least one person who gets extra annoyed by bad parking. These would be perfect for them to carry around:

Do you think someone would actually stick these on someone’s car? Hopefully they don’t mind the way YOU park!

Maybe you have a group of friends or family that loves “Apples to Apples.” Heres another game to give to, well really everyone:

Got a friend with awesome taste in sunglasses? Show your appreciation with this awesome spectacle holder:

How about someone with an endless “what if” ideas? Someone who revels in hypothetical situations? Here’s a book for them:

What about unicorns? They seem to be all the rage right now! I bet we can all think of someone to give this to:

Want to let someone know your thinking about them…..even when they’re well, grabbing some toilet paper? This could get interesting:

Know someone who you have the perfect book for? Slap one of these on it to spice it up a little:

Have you reached the end of this list and still have someone you can’t think of anything to buy for? Someone that has everything?!?! The probably don’t have a latex horse mask! Or a flinging screaming monkey! Definitely not a yodeling pickle! Have a great Holiday everyone!


Last minute stocking stuffer you can never go wrong with? EMERGENCY UNDERPANTS? Because you never know….really!

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