Christmas Candle Craft!

This Halloween went by in a wink! I really loved the idea that everyone was trying with floating candles. So instead of waiting until next year, we decided to do Christmas candles!

This is a fairly easy craft that you can probably do with things that are already in your house. We used toilet paper or paper towel rolls, a glue gun, thin wire (fishing line would have worked better I think), paint, and some tea lights.

So to start we poked four holes in the top of whichever roll we were using, about a half-inch from the top. Then we threaded the thin wire through so that there is a “+” in the middle of the tube. This is what your tea light will sit on. We decided to hang our candles, so this worked for us. If you don’t want to hang your candles, we thought maybe poking some toothpicks through then cutting off the spare points would do the trick! Once the wire was threaded through we tied it at the top to use to hang the candle.

Once you have your line secure, you get to start making the wax! This is pretty fun. You take your hot glue gun and make it drip glue down the tube, mimicking the way that wax melts down a candle! During this part we tried to cover up the holes with the wire coming out of it (or the toothpick stubs!). Make sure that your wire does not stick to the wax!

Once you have your “wax” the way you want it, let it dry for a few minutes. Then its time to paint! We opted for Christmas colors and patterns, and they came out pretty nice!

Once they dried we hung them up on our mantle! We didn’t think they were too creepy hanging so we stayed with that!


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