Fun Festive Turkey Pumpkins!

Life has been moving so fast for me this fall! Halloween came and went, and all of a sudden thanksgiving is less then two weeks away! I had bought a couple pumpkins to paint the day after Halloween while combing through all the after holiday sales because my son LOVES to paint pumpkins. Two weeks later they still havent been painted, and doing a Halloween craft when Thanksgiving was on its way didn’t feel right. I present to you: Pumpkin Turkeys! Pumpkins fit in nicely to Thanksgiving decor also!

I also had all the materials hanging around the house as well: construction paper, googly eyes, and a glue stick. If you dont have pumpkins handy you could always get some cute fake pumpkins!

First you pick the constuction paper you would like to use, and cut out the feathers, head piece, beak, hat, and feet.

Glue the googly eyes to the head piece, or save them to glue on your pumpkin if you dont use a construction paper head piece.

Arrange your feathers and glue them on to your pumpkin.

Glue the other pieces on, and you have yourself a cute Thanksgiving turkey. Simple, fun and creative. My son absolutely loved doing it!

Our family ended up with a couple different turkeys! Embrace your creativity and have fun with it!

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