A Quick Guide: Burning Wood Signs!

I love all of the wooden signs that have been floating around for a while! I decided to make something small and simple to start out.

First I purchased a woodburner. I started with a beginner one because I had no idea how this was going to go! It was also only about $10! I’ve just started getting free pallets, so I’m going to have fun with them!

Once I cut two small pieces of wood (one for practice, and one for my new sign), I apprehensively plugged in my woodburner. They can get to over 700 degrees so this made me pretty nervous, but the stand that it came with worked fine.

I traced a few  practice letters on my first bord with stencils, and traced “Autumn Blessings” on my second board. It was almost as easy as the package described, if I pressed to hard it went a little deeper and made a small black hole so you do need to be careful to go slow and steady.

When I was finished I hung it in a wreath and hung it on my door! Here it is:

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