Fun Folliage Poster!

This is an old favorite of mine that my mom used to do with me and my sister when we were little! All you need is the free beautiful fall foliage and some contact paper! 

The first step is to head out on a nice fall day and collect some pretty leaves! You could go for a family hike, or just run outside and grab some!

Once you’ve collected a nice amount of leaves (you won’t need more then 15 for each picture!), you can head inside to start crafting!

Start with a nice clean table. Lay a sheet of contact paper (as long as you want your poster to be) with the sticky side up. You can tape the corners down so it won’t go anywhere if you want!

Arrange your leaves! If you want to see your decoration unfolding as you add them keep the leaves facing up- the only problem with this is that it’s a little trickier to cover them with the second sheet- so you may want to arrange them face down!

When you finish, cut your second sheet of contact paper. You want it to be as close to the first sheet as possible. Carefully place it over your creation, laying it down and trying to make the leaves as flat as possible. After this you can cut the parimitor any way that you would like, eliminating whatever is still sticky.

Enjoy your beautiful fall foliage creation! They look great in the windows with the sun shinning through them! If you have kids you could create a leaf family with markers and googaly eyes! This can be some silly family fun.


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